KEMA Cocktails

by Jordi Gilabert


This time, Jordi Gilabert presents us with his suggestion of “Pre-Dinner Drinks” for Kema Restaurant

They are known as “aperitif” cocktails and tend to be made with something bitter, wine, vermouth or carbonated drinks. Generally, they are not sweet and serve the purpose of stimulating your appetite. They are normally consumed before sampling foodstuffs.

We hope that this is just the start to what will prove to be a Special Day.


    11 €
    Refreshing, balanced with nuances that are slightly less sweet. Today is the day!!

    (Sparkling wine, Aperol and tonic)

    11 €
    Bitter but very interesting notes. For the more daring of you!!

    (Cava, Campari and Tonic)

    13 €
    Citric and spiced. “Kema-style”, you’ll end up ordering more than one for sure!!

    (Red Vermouth, Campari, Gin, lemon and coffee)

    13 €
    Exotic, citric and balanced. Peru awaits you in the glass!

    (Special Pisco, Passoa, lemon, egg white and Angostura bitters)

    13 €
    Refreshing, dry and fruity. Smoothness, subtleness and elegance.

    (Gin, raspberries, lemon and egg white)

    Refreshing, citric and very special. The magic of Cuba and “La Floridita”

    (Rum, Maraschino [Marasca cherry] liqueur, grapefruit and lime)

KEMA GIN & TONICS by Jordi Gilabert

There are many versions and legends of the start of the Gin & Tonic in society.

One of them is that of a high British official who proposed adding gin to tonic to celebrate the successive victories of the British troops in India and therefore creating a long alcoholic beverage.

Another is the one that assures that the combination of gin with tonic was in fact born because of the quinine properties found in tonic to treat Malaria. British soldiers deployed to India started to combine tonic with gin to improve the flavour of the tonic.

Whichever way the Gin & Tonic came about, it quickly spread across the planet with its many variations.

And in terms of variations, those proposed by our cocktail master, Jordi Gilabert, with flavours ranging from the traditional, the unknown, the exotic and the surprising, we strive to provide not only the pleasure of a good cocktail, but also an experience that lasts over time.


  • The Special One
    11 €
    Without doubt, an explosion of flavours to enjoy. Remember my name!!

    (Bruni Collins, Schweppes, orange and lemon

  • Classic Gin&Tonic
    11 €
    Dry, smooth and balanced. The timeless G&T!!

    (Seagram’s, Schweppes, rind of lime)

  • Kema’s Electric Monkey
    15 €
    Elegant, electric and with character. New pleasures to be discovered!

    (Monkey 47, Fever Tree, Sichuan pepper and lime)

  • The Raison and the Strawberry
    14 €
    Playing with flavours and this exotic French gin, floral and fruity.

    (GVigne, 1724, strawberries and lime)

  • Raison and Raspberry
    14 €
    For the perfect leisurely evening, fruity, sweet, smooth and not at all bitter.

    (GVigne, Berries liqueur, raspberries and lime)

  • Atlantic GIN
    13 €
    A tribute to Galicia, refreshing with character, fresh and smooth.

    (Nordes, orange, lemon and Fever Tree)

  • Circotonic
    13 €
    Power to the Vodka-tonic!! An interesting classic. And you can request a citric version!!

    (Ciroc, Schweppes, optional lemon-lime)

Cocktails KEMA by Jordi Gilabert

(from 6:00 p.m.)

Our master cocktail barman, Jordi Gilabert, offers us a menu of high-end cocktails with his own concoctions and his unique take on traditional cocktails.

We always strive for quality, the product and the expertise of the hands that work them.

Cocktails that transport us around the world and surprise us with new, exotic flavours that will never fail to leave an impression.

Taking into account every detail, from the crystalware to the presentation so that not only can we taste the cocktail, but also creates an experience that lasts over time.


  • Mojito Kema
    11 €
    Exotic, fruity and citric. Cuba, Bodega and a happy ending!

    (Bruni Collins, own-brand soda, blueberries, lime and sugar)

  • Margarita
    12 €
    The perfect accompaniment for the Mexicana, citric and refreshing. Give me more, more and more…

    (Tequila, Cointreau and lime)

  • Classic Daiquiri
    12 €
    Refreshing citrus, with character. Cuba is here to stay!

    (Rum, lime and sugar)

  • Daiquiri Frappé
    12 €
    Citrus slush with sweeter notes than the Classic. Like in “The Floridita”

    Rum, Maraschino (Marasca cherry) liqueur, lime, icecream and sugar

  • Cosmopolitan
    12 €
    Smooth, balance and with character. One is not enough, neither are two!

    (Vodka, Cointreau, blueberry concentrate and lime)

  • Special Moscow Mule
    14 €
    exotic and refreshing, notes of citrus and spice. If you dare to try it you won´t regret it!

    (Bruni, lime, ginger, plum and Ginger Beer)

  • Cuba Libre “Las Brasas”
    14 €
    caramelised, spiced, citric, refreshing. 360º of flavours on the tongue!!

    (Zacapa 23 rum, coffee, cinnamon, lime, orange and CocaCola)

  • Lemon Drink
    11 €
    Citric and exotic. Something different

    (Bruni Collins, lime, Ironic Melon)

  • Pornostar and what burns Kema style
    13 €
    Exotic, fruity, citric and refreshing. The pleasure of a vanilla moon!!

    (Ciroc vodka liqueur, Passoa, passion fruit, vanilla and lemon)

  • “L’Espurna” Mai Tai
    14 €
    Fruity, citrus fruits with bitter and woody notes. Elegant and Thai.

    (Plantation 3 Star rum, Jamaica Trinidad, almond, pineapple, lime and sugar)

  • “Mira y Barra” Pisco Sour
    13 €
    Creamy, citric and very interesting. Really, interesting!!

    (Gobernador and Quebranta Pisco liqueurs, Passoa, egg white, lime and sugar)

  • "I want more" Watermelon Cocktail
    13 €
    Refreshing, fruity and smooth. Give it all to me baby!!

    (Vodka, Melon liqueur, Grenadine, watermelon, lime and sugar)

  • The “Playground” Colada
    13 €
    Creamy Piña Colada, citric and refreshing. Another experience!!

    (Elixir rum, Malibu, coconut, pineapple, lime and sugar)

  • “La Margarita” Strawberri
    14 €
    The other one but with other things!

    (Tequila, Cointreau, Red Liqueur, strawberries, lemon and sugar)

  • 1860 Orgasm
    12 €
    Much more than a Tiramisu!!

    (1860 Rice Liqueur, Cointreau, Tía Maríam Ratafia, Walnut Liqueur and vanilla)

  • “No burn” Kema Virgin Mojito
    10 €
    Citric and refreshing. Without danger of getting burned!

    (Lemon carbonated soda, blueberries, mint, lime and sugar)

  • "The zero 0” Piña Colada,
    10 €
    Creamy, refreshing and fruity. The healthy imposter!!

    (Pineapple, coconut, lime and sugar)