Daily menu

Monday to Sunday at noon

Starters (to share)

Kema Aperitif and Glass of Cava

Artisan home-baked bread, homemade aioli and Extra Virgin olive oil

Roasted “al Caliu” potatoes (cooked on the embers) with our secret sauce

Sunday roast beef croquettes

Free Range Chicken Criole Empanada

Russian salad with tuna and grilled prawns

Main course (chose one)

Kema “Señorito” Rice with fish and seafood (shells removed)

Black rice cooked in ink with langostines from La Ràpita and spring garlic aioli

The timeless seafood paella

Land rice dish with rabbit and snails, black pudding and mushrooms

“Los Fideos Seixats” or “Fideuà” (fisherman’s noodles)

Rotisserie-style Poussin finished on the grill

Grilled seabass, skin-side-down, with fresh herbs

Home-Made Desserts (choose one)

Mandarin orange sorbet

Ice cream

Rice pudding

Crema catalana

Price: 28 € ( drinks not included)

* The menu is served from Monday to Sunday at midday

* The rice and noodle dishes are for a minimum of 2 people

* This menu is to be ordered by the full table